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ENG-organigram 2013

CCHP Assembly is the highest body of the Chamber, and makes decisions in accordance with authorizations of Law on the health care industry and the Statute. Delegate Assembly is composed of representatives of regional councils which are elected through direct elections within each department. Constituency as regional councils. Guarantees the equality of every activity that is a member of the Chamber in a way that each Department is proposing an equal number of delegates. Delegates Assembly representing the electorate – Chamber members, elected by the members of regional councils from each Department. Departments are each presented with 16 delegates in the Assembly.

CCHP Council has a total of 4 members. Each Professional class has one representative in the CCHP Council. Representative of the Professional Department of medical laboratory activities (PD MLA) is Domagoj Caban.

CCHP presidency include the president and three vice-presidents. President of the Chamber represents the Chamber. Vice-Presidents of the Chamber represent the Chamber in the case of absence or inability of the President of the Chamber, or when the specific circumstances of a particular occupational activities that require it. The president and three vice-presidents of the Chamber are duty all department heads. PD MLA to their representative in the Presidency CCHP is Jasna Matic. Ms. Maticic is the first president CCHP.

Among other joint bodies of the Chamber is Supervisory Board, which reviews and oversees the work of the Chamber and implementation of decisions and other legal acts of the Chamber. Court of Honor, which decides on violations of duty and reputation titles Chamber members in the first and second instance. To perform administrative duties in the Chamber is organized Chamber Office.

The terms of all members of certain bodies of the Association is four years.

The Chamber represents the interests of the four activities, through professional classes:

Professional Departments (PD) are governed by the aforementioned bodies. Each Department has a professional manager. Head of PD coordinates work and activities within the department, and cooperates with other PD-s within the Chamber. Head of the PD MLA  is Jasna Matic. Deputy Head of the Department, is Ernevaza Kopacin.

Council of PD-s are an advisory body to the Head of Departments. Expert panel discusses and decides on issues of professional work and propose technical solutions from individual activities, proposed the foundation for professional work and development programs and suggest measures for improving the quality of individual activities.

Each Department of the CCHP has four permanent committees:

  • Commission for Ethics and Deontology
  • Commission for Education
  • Commission for Supervision, professional issues and quality
  • Commission for Membership issues

Each Department is presented with 16 delegates in the Assembly.

The mandate of the Assembly of Delegates last four years. Delegates may be elected more than two terms consecutively.

Each member of the Association has the right to choose the body of the Chamber and the right choices in the body, right to the services of the Chamber, the right to participate in continuing education courses, seminars, symposiums and other forms of professional development organized by the Chamber, the right to a free copy of the journal of the Association. Obligations of members of the Chamber are: compliance with all regulations adopted by the Association’s bodies, working in technical committees and working groups of the Association, regularly providing data according to the regulations of the Chamber, the fulfillment of all obligations towards the Association, regular payment of CCHP dues.